Do you even Paleo Bro?

From TheAtlantic – Neanderthal Dental Plaque Shows What a Paleo Diet Really Looks Like:

By harvesting and sequencing that DNA, Weyrich has shown that there was no such thing as a typical Neanderthal diet. One individual from Spy cave in Belgium mostly ate meat like woolly rhinoceros and wild sheep, as well as some edible mushrooms. But two individuals who lived in El Sidrón cave in Spain seemed to be entirely vegetarian. The team couldn’t find any traces of meat in their diet, which consisted of mushrooms, pine nuts, tree bark, and moss. The Belgian Neanderthals hunted; the Spanish ones foraged.

“When people talk about the Paleo diet, that’s not paleo, that’s just non-carb,” Weyrich says. “The true paleo diet is eating whatever’s out there in the environment.”

I like the premise of Paleo but not in the overly strict way that is often espoused by some.  I much prefer Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint version of the diet.

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Supplement Stacking

This past year I have been doing some experimenting with making my own supplement mixes with bulk-ordered powders.  The initial cost of the bulk-ordered powders is on the high side but the overall cost is much, much cheaper that anything you can order.

As an example, my latest concoction is a pre-workout mix that provides energy and focus with some fat-burning elements.

  • L-Citrulline DL-Malate 2:1
  • Beta Alanine
  • BCAA
  • Taurine
  • L-Theanine
  • Yohimbine

I’m still tweaking it but have been pretty happy with the results I’ve been getting so far.   It cost me just shy of $200 for all the ingredients but the per container cost that I can make with it is only around $18 and yields 30 servings.

This is about half the price of similar preworkouts and what I like is that I control the  amount and types of ingredients.  There’s no fillers or proprietary blends and no BS minuscule serving size of any ingredient just so I can list it on the label.  Everything in it is something I have chosen and researched and is at a dosage level to accomplish my goals.

I’m working on a spreadsheet that helps develop a recipe for you.  Look for a post here in a  week or so with it along with a breakdown of my pre-workout blend as an example.

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I’ve been more and more interested in mobility and overall balance after going through some physical therapy to correct an issue with my biceps that turned out to be rooted in an imbalance in my back.

Mike Matthews over at has a great in-depth post on the topic:

The Definitive Guide to Mobility Exercises: Improve Flexibility, Function, and Strength

MensHealth.UK has another a good primer on some basic movements to stay pliable:

Mens Health Beginners Guide to Mobility Stretching

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Getting the most out of your Chest Workout

Jeff Cavaliere of AthleanX is one of the guys I follow on YouTube.  He has some great advice here on adjusting and correcting your chest workouts so that you’re getting the most out of them.  What he’s preaching here is two fundamentals:  Contraction and Overload.

You will not get the gains you want unless you have both.

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