Gym Etiquette 101

Some good, and funny tips from NerdFitness about how to behave in a gym:

The gym can be an intimidating place.  Besides the grunting and the weights dropping, there is a secret code of conduct that is totally foreign to any newcomer on what to do and not to do.

I especially like this one about ‘saving’ equipment when you’re running a circuit routine:

Is the gym busy? Forget about trying to get a squat rack AND a bench AND a chin-up bar. Pick one. There’s the classic CrossFit workout “Linda” that has you using three different barbells with different weights for different exercises, plus a bench (for the bench press). If you ever try running this in a busy gym, people have the justifiable right to throw you out the window.

Absolutely drives me bananas when someone is trying to do a complex circuit at the gym with totally unrelated pieces of equipment that are like a 5 minute walk from each other.  I get it, you’re trying some workout plan out.  Great.  Just be smart about it and don’t screw up everyone else!



About jlgull

I'm a civil engineer working in the transportation industry. Basically, I manage the design, construction, and operation of highways and bridges. As an engineer and scientist I'm very analytical and this is reflected in my approach to fitness and racing.
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